Set up and operate heart-lung machines and monitor patients’ circulation during cardiac surgery. To be accepted in a perfusion training program, students need a background in the biological sciences or training in medical technology, respiratory therapy or nursing

Average Salary Range
Depends on the career and the amount of

$50,000 – $90,000 Perfusionist

Educational Requirements
Students interested in these careers should take challenging high school courses in science,math and English. Those interested
in becoming medical assistants also should consider courses in secretarial skills, computer training and bookkeeping. Most
of these professions require certification, which includes completing educational requirements and passing an exam specific
to the career.
Professional Associations
Association of Surgical Technologists
(303) 694-9130
American Academy
of Cardiovascular Perfusion
P.O. Box 3596
Allentown, PA 18106-0596
(610) 395-4853
American Association of Medical Assistants
(312) 899-1500