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Medical Career Interest Checklist

Operate emergency-response vehicles.
Structure programs to prevent sports injuries.
Set up computerized information networks for health facilities.
Teach skills to the disabled.
Help scientists with laboratory work.
Care for people who cannot care for themselves.
Work with children.
Study the structure of the human body.
Analyze drugs in a research laboratory.
Help diagnose diseases.
Repair biomedical or computer equipment.
Examine teeth and treat dental problems.
Diagnose and treat sick animals.
Conduct research to help control and cure diseases.
Perform or assist with surgery.
Answer questions at an information counter.
Examine, diagnose and treat eye conditions.
Transcribe medical dictation.
Direct fund raising for an organization.
Set up and operate machines to cut, grind and polish eyeglass and contact lenses.
Plan and give physical therapy treatments.
Give hearing tests.
Prepare patients for examination by a physician.
Collect and analyze statistical data.
Inspect work areas to detect unsafe working conditions.
Maintain and improve environmental quality in institutions and the community.
Expose, process and interpret X-rays.
Design and implement community health programs.
Assess individual nutritional requirements.
Manage the total or partial operation of a health care facility.
Operate medical diagnostic equipment.
Administer fiscal operations, such as budgeting, accounting, payroll reporting and billing.
Coordinate disaster assistance or hazardous material relief.
Design and fit artificial body parts.
Be an advocate for clients and families in institutions and public programs.